About Us


 Our Fish are harvested and transported live to our processing plant daily. We’re on the phone before the fish arrive, taking your fresh catfish order and shipping it to you that very day. Carolina Classics Catfish arrives at most East Coast destinations within one day of processing your order. So you’ll receive fish that were swimming just a matter of hours earlier. We provide faster, more frequent deliveries than any other supplier. You’ll not only offer your consumers the freshest farm-raised catfish available on the market today, you’ll experience order flexibility, more inventory turns, and less shrink.

Quality Control:

 Carolina Classics Catfish was among the first American fish processors to volunteer to write and operate a USDC-managed HACCP plan, beginning in 1993. Today we manage a detailed quality control system, which meets the requirements for both a USDC and an FDA HACCP plan. These systems assure that our products are prepared in a safe and healthy manner.


 As a vertically integrated company, Carolina Classics Catfish maintains strict control of the entire production system. From pond to plate we mill our own feed, operate our own hatchery, then raise, process and deliver premium quality catfish to you year round.